it never rains

I wrote a post on Saturday updating on a jute grass study and this morning a glitch in the WordPress app blew that post and the thread attached to it into history.

I didn’t delete that post.

I am apologizing for its loss.

I am frustrated as heck with this. I’ve had problems with their app. writing duplicate posts for no reason I can understand or resolve and the app’s inability to synchronize content is frustrating at best. I hoped the leap to Jetpack would resolve this but the experience, so far, just feels like a new wrapper over the same package. I would lead a conversation defending instability of new functionality but when what’s failing is stuff that’s been a part of the product since its beginnings I can’t find a way to feel good about this.

I wish I could find a way to blame myself for this but I can’t and I’m sorry.

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  1. My sympathies. I know the feeling.
    Thanks for all your posts. I always look forward to reading them. It gives me chance to take a break – with a cup of tea (or coffee?) – from those usual “rants and screeds” we are exposed to in the news & etc – and to contemplate your ideas and insights.
    Reading them always reinforces my belief that there is still some sanity left in this world of ours. (Maybe not as much in the world today as I would like, but . . . )
    Bud Griffin

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