Firing up the bank


I could be here.


where engines breathe clouds and spring’s rain pushes back winter’s covers,

waking us to this new day and forcing slender slips of rail to breach their safe bed of earth,

and be cradled by this sun.

I came to see the past but this is now my present.

These things have been here all my life and yet I spend my life here collecting different parts of the same memory for a future day that will need me to withdraw this feeling.

No longer am I outside this.

Having models like these, of my hand and now actually, literally, of my hands invites a few more places around which my imagination can collect in calm pools of feelings.

James sends me photos from his workbench of the beautiful things he works on and sometimes that’s my reply. I’ve clicked Send and then thought: “Dammit. What if I’ve missed the mark and asserted my narrative in a way that has broken the story?”

I adore our Hilton & Mears series of posts and am glad we did this one, this weekend, because it’s been just entirely too long since we last published one. The models are James Hilton’s work and you should check out his blog to learn more about them and the particular significance of the figure in the cab:

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  1. Is that the sort of thing you would like to model? What would you need in order to do that? – Trevor


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