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  • Clermont

    Through wind and rain, sleet and snow, I delivered The Guardian every morning to the people along my paper route. At the time Charlottetown had two newspapers and my job was the morning and some other me delivered the evening’s… Read More ›

  • first coffee

    Late last night I had this idea for a “full Overlap”. Then this morning, over first coffees, this second plan just sort of happened. I quite like them both and certainly they felt like nice things to place into the… Read More ›

  • the pointless overlap

    Halifax’s libraries are hubs of creative energy and connection points. They are just like incredible batteries capable of being plugged into anything to power it or store energy between uses and on an overcast Saturday in September, about four years… Read More ›

  • looks good going nowhere

    That’s the latest image in a series I’m developing from this full scale planning session. I keep thinking: for a project that isn’t going anywhere I love the images it’s producing. I think part of why I keep doing this… Read More ›

  • Hilton & Mears like a blog post…

    “Busy all the time” takes on a whole new meaning when you factor in time zones but through those busy days are moments where a quick message bounces between Messengers. It’s kind of beautiful in a way that reminds us… Read More ›