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  • Safe search terms. The coal hopper accident.

    Taylor will appreciate this: I’ve mentioned before how there are genuine model railroading things that accidentally become “not safe for work” or “maybe don’t type this into the work computer Google.” It all started when I was transcribing some refrigerator… Read More ›

  • My favourite things

    Overslept but it feels amazing. Wow! First coffees filtering through me now and picking away at things on the layout. This one frame felt like a neat summary, clockwork from top left: Plain Mount Albert ties. These are just beautiful… Read More ›

  • Completed or finished

    James and I have previously talked about inspiration and motivation, and this naturally progressed to the subject of completing a project. What follows is an edited narrative of that next conversation and a chance for us to explore the concept…… Read More ›

  • “Dry enough”

    Ballast is dry enough to place the turnout into the scene. When I originally built this the proportion of PC board to wood ties was much higher but I’ve removed most of them and hope to remove them all following… Read More ›

  • And we’re 12

    My friends Scott and Derwin had started blogs for their model railways and I thought it sounded like an interesting idea. I was picking away at trying to build a small N scale model railway based on a suburban prototype…. Read More ›