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  • Lister. Day 8. Part 2. Five Hundred Grams.

    Sorry for all the blog posts today. The people “responsible for that have been sacked”. Sorry also for the Big Sugar song reference in the blog post title here. The people “responsible for that have been sacked”. I’m a pretty… Read More ›

  • The many weatherings of 4769

    CN 4769 is back in Dartmouth. I’ve had the pleasure of photographing it here before and often would rush down from my office to watch them at work in the yard and often repeated this composition. Recreating this, this evening,… Read More ›

  • Lister. Day 8. Sunny Saturday.

    Hello from Halifax. It’s a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon and I thought I’d stop, between errands, and enjoy a mug of tea and try glueing my fingers together some more sticking some more parts on the Lister. What did I… Read More ›

  • New York Rome’ance…

    New York, New York, there is just something special about classic shortline railroading in the region. Smoking Alco’s and infrastructure that has seen better days, ex-mainline low slung GP9s crawling along uneven grass infested trackage. Whilst sharing video on the… Read More ›

  • Lister. Day 6.

    I thought I might break the naming convention that’s forming on these posts and go wild. “Lister on frame”? Nah, patterns are cool. When I bought this kit I assumed I’d just stick this all together quickly like some Lego… Read More ›