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  • “Rock it barb”

    The track I built on Coy Paper was the nicest looking model railroad track I’ve ever built. While not continuing with that project was the right thing to do, I still feel a sense of the unresolved. So, I’m going… Read More ›

  • When it just takes longer

    When joining friends to operate on larger model railways I tend to gravitate toward yard work. Switching is a lot of uncoupling and, in HO, I feel pretty adept opening couplers with bamboo skewers, toothpicks, small screwdrivers, or even the… Read More ›

  • Retail therapy

    “I should have done this years ago! In the four decades of being in this hobby this feels like one of the smartest purchased I’ve made!”–I was at the hobby shop last Saturday. Jim had asked me how I liked… Read More ›

  • Return of the CP plywood van

    These plywood sheathed CP vans are favourites. I loved working on models of these and these designs remain personal favourites from the store I used to run on Shapeways. I could not be more proud of this design–I really love… Read More ›

  • Track profiles

    The track plan of the Manheim layout is pretty simple: even at its most extravagant it’s two turnouts. Hopefully twenty or so feet of running but still just two turnouts. In Coy and Victoria I learned a lot about ballasting… Read More ›