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  • times change

    Into the pure darkness of last Wednesday evening at Autoport I knew exactly what I wanted to try, why I wanted it, and how I wanted to try it; that would free energy to focus on more technical skills. And… Read More ›

  • The Cardigans weather

    “What the world needs is a rail-mounted pipe organ” is kind of what I was thinking this morning on the way home. 511 is long gone before daylight and I lost at hide-and-seek with 505 when it blew through Princess… Read More ›

  • track changes

    I’m working on finalizing a new project here—it really is those final few tailoring tasks that absorb the most “real time”. Across the room, this morning’s sun finds a leftover skip in need of a Lister to come out and… Read More ›

  • last weekend

    I promised myself to spend more time with my camera and practising not just the technical parts of using the camera but, because it’s capable of different opportunities, learning to see as it does. This is a good promise to… Read More ›

  • CBNS Stellarton

    Sorry for this second post. I made myself a bunch of promises a month or so ago and yesterday invested in: make more time with the camera and spend more time in CBNS country. These are my favourites of the… Read More ›