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  • within without

    One of the biggest challenges in designing a model railway that coexists in a shared living space is how this scenario forces it to behave. Shelves beneath the layout absolutely just can not be overflowing with stuff that only has… Read More ›

  • the shadow

    I am really enjoying the conversation with Mike, as we both explore the design of shelf layout “benchwork”. In my three studies, I reasoned that a base that works out at 1-1/2” thick seems to work. I arrived at that… Read More ›

  • select winter as

    The temperature in our yurt invites me to start the stove. There’s an espresso pot bubbling away as I ease into a chair. I can always sleep later. Right now, there is peace and the view out the window feels… Read More ›

  • brew? steep?

    You know how this starts. And it results in tea so, really, how important is terminology anyway if the reason for language is served when the idea is moved my heart to be felt, equally, in yours? Scenario two of… Read More ›

  • It digs in

    Last Sunday, Pierre invited us to visit his layout for an operating session. “Dream come true. Yes!” As we toured the layout it’s impossible to not pause to appreciate the many cameos waiting to be found. Composition is as much… Read More ›