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  • so what is going on with the layout?

    I was wondering how long since it’s been since we last talked about the layout. I know that a week or so ago I had an update on Sunday and then there was another one before that. At the rate… Read More ›

  • the wing.

    Mike Cougill wrote a fascinating article on reducing the weight of benchwork and I thought: If we separate the structure we create to support the model railroad from the structure we create within its body we can tailor their design… Read More ›

  • Why do we do this?

    When we moved to the Island, from Ottawa, Dad packed away his layout and trains. They’d remain in those boxes for years. I had my own train set to receive my fascination and his remained in boxes. I’m older now… Read More ›

  • No where to be but here

    It’s been a long day. I’m exhausted. Krista? Same deal. It feels like we’ve been apart for weeks and it’s only been hours. I’m lost without her. She’s my centre. Driving across the MacDonald Bridge this evening it was Krista… Read More ›

  • A post-CN PEIR

    What if the railway on Prince Edward Island Railway hadn’t ended in 1989? It’s a simple question. I remember the debate and also the parallel debate regarding the building of a bridge to replace the ferry service connecting the rest… Read More ›