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  • brew? steep?

    You know how this starts. And it results in tea so, really, how important is terminology anyway if the reason for language is served when the idea is moved my heart to be felt, equally, in yours? Scenario two of… Read More ›

  • It digs in

    Last Sunday, Pierre invited us to visit his layout for an operating session. “Dream come true. Yes!” As we toured the layout it’s impossible to not pause to appreciate the many cameos waiting to be found. Composition is as much… Read More ›

  • Tram!

    He, who shall not be named, will carry the burden of knowing why “Tram!” is the only title I could use. It’s in your court now. Last Friday, before the morning’s sun came out, I parked the car, for the… Read More ›

  • com·pete

    from Latin competere, in its late sense ‘strive or contend for (something)’, from com-‘together’ + petere ‘aim at, seek’. Oxford Languages Mike had shared a link to Sean Tucker with me the other day and I’ve been watching films from… Read More ›

  • Wednesday’s tea break

    Outside temperature is -15C this morning “but feels like minus twenty-three”. Honestly, what it really feels like is: “We should probably make more tea.” Making up these three study models was part an exercise in exploring how I make things,… Read More ›