CN Dartmouth

513 2022-03-22

513 backing out of Wright’s Cove this evening. With daytime (511) and now night (513) gypsum trains operating and basically just the two sets of cars the balance of moving these cars must be so precise and it’s always impressive… Read More ›

the regulars

Something unrelated made me look at the calendar yesterday and I noticed that it’s almost my five year anniversary since we moved to Halifax. Of all the change, living here has been about connection and who we are. It’s like… Read More ›

“47”20 today

Quick walk before the day gets underway. It looks like rain. It sort of feels like rain because it almost is raining. “Doesn’t it seem funny?” “It does” I love how my walk in to the office is along Halifax… Read More ›

Good morning

The weekend’s excitement started trackside when CN’s 3023 landed in Dartmouth on 408–which sets it up to lead 407 back to Moncton. I love that orange carbody! The weather was, well, cold and featuring every kind of precipitation imaginable. So,… Read More ›