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Tempo hoods in N and coming soon in HO

N scale Tempo RS18 short hood and long hood end now available on Shapeways.

Last week I finished the CAD design to print a short hood and long hood end for one of CN’s RS18 Tempo diesels. These ends are designed to fit onto a Atlas or Kato N scale RS11 shell. Simply cut off the old and glue on the new. These ends can be used on models of 3150, 3152, 3154, and 3155. 3151 and 3153 were involved in wrecks and when rebuilt had their HEP generators removed so the detailing on the top of the hood was changed. I’ll be adding a different hood end for these two units.

I’m a pretty big fan of these and have wanted a pair for some time. The pair I’m particularly interested in are 3152 and 3154 since both have served in both Tempo and GO Transit service. I’ve blogged about the prototypes often here on Prince Street and most of those posts should be tagged with “Tempo” so searching for them should be easy. For more information, check out the CN SIG’s page:

Toronto railroading in the 70’s – now that’s what TV is for

I am slowly getting caught up on emails in my inbox and in that stack was an update from Trevor Marshall’s blog, titled Traintown Toronto. The post title was really catchy but I really couldn’t figure out what he was writing about. Never one to avoid this kind of temptation I took a look at the post and sure am glad I did. Trevor was introducing a video that Green Frog Productions have released featuring railroading around Toronto in the 1970’s. I’m not a huge collector of train movies and really haven’t spent much time researching them but this is one I’ll be adding to my collection for sure.

Here’s the link to the Green Frog website and also a quote from them describing the video:

The two friends came early and stayed late for a day, or maybe a few days, on the sunny side of the tracks of the Toronto Terminals Railway in the early 1970s, recording the passage of a wide spectrum of passenger trains, switching moves, and some freight traffic into and near the vibrant Beaux-Arts Toronto Union Station, opened in 1927.

Green Frog were kind enough to actually post a preview of the video on their website and you can watch it on Youtube:

Okay, so I was barely a minute into the video when a pair of Tempo RS18’s appear in the video and I’d already loaded the DVD into the website’s shopping cart. What else is in the preview?

GO Transit GP40TC shoving a short, three-car train of the single-level cars. The video promises shots of the self-propelled versions of these same cars.

The Empress of Agnicourt (CP’s RSD17) appears on a transfer move. I’ve seen photos of this unit working as far west as my beloved Hamilton and I sure wish this video chased one of these trips.

Of course, there’s also tons of pre-VIA passenger action too.

This evening didn’t start too well and about the time when I managed to drive my saw through it’s own cord I was starting to run out of expletives to aid in my narration of how things were going. Since then I’ve made a nice sandwich with some leftover beef from the weekend’s roast, watched a couple of episodes of Life on Mars and am finishing a lovely glass of port. Having discovered this cool DVD, things are turning around for sure!