hilton & mears duo

New York Rome’ance…

New York, New York, there is just something special about classic shortline railroading in the region. Smoking Alco’s and infrastructure that has seen better days, ex-mainline low slung GP9s crawling along uneven grass infested trackage. Whilst sharing video on the… Read More ›

Capturing a moment

I recently came across an interesting photo book whilst shopping for something else and to meet the minimum order requirement added it to the basket. Sometimes taking a punt on something like this really pays off as a window, a… Read More ›

thursday afternoon

Were not these branchline memories themselves a sign of our own changing humanity? Held in our stories with the fondness of memory like a great aunt we look forward to visiting from a village we haven’t lived in for a… Read More ›

Function instead of form?

I love books. I absolutely love railway books, whether they’re photo journals, historical surveys, layout design or operation oriented. In particular, I love a blend of photographic inspiration and well written historical commentary, even just extended photo captions. These are… Read More ›