How I think

six by eight

Three scenarios exist in the layout that I want to explore. My six to nine sample is based on one end of the layout and last night I worked on this. Sticking to the same six inch wide shelf and… Read More ›

six to nine

I’m a very big fan of making up little, layout agnostic, studies of work. Sometimes they’re role is to explore a way of making things that’s been on my mind and sometimes they’re a place to focus my mind when… Read More ›


Compared to other modelmaking hobbies, we like that ours exists in a vein between static models and animation. So much of our storytelling centres around the craft aspects of the hobby. We’ll measure progress by the things we made and… Read More ›

10:15 Tuesday

Sometimes the room sounds like the kettle as it starts to warm, as tea is starting to be made, as a cat stirs in a comfortable wicker basket. Most days I’m here and the windows are my coworking colleagues. Facilitation… Read More ›