How I think

the dream of idle days

I tend to favour extremely minimalist layout plans. My current Victoria is a shelf layout with a single siding and even my most ambitious layout designs extend the run but seldom the complexity. I suppose I could call them railfanning… Read More ›

shadows and light.

If my model trains lived in a train room in the basement their existence would be like Schrödinger’s cat but they don’t. Instead they exist in a space not far from where I work and they are treated to the… Read More ›

the reach/circulation

My time trackside is typically here in Halifax and one of my favourite compositions is this view looking up Ochterloney Street. I like the way the train bisects the scene as if somehow this transverse or perpendicular view makes the… Read More ›

three friends

That lovely engine is by James The skip is because of Jim The track because my imagination makes my hands do things when my brain is distracted Inspiration comes in many forms but feels like something I feel inside from… Read More ›