How I think


I was reading about a couple of nineteenth century Vermont railroads that never really worked out and in all this reading I came across this quote: “The West Valley Railroad ran try-daily. That is they ran down to the junction… Read More ›

stoney middleton

The last couple of days I’ve been thinking about English narrow gauge a little more. I’m craving some scratchbuilding, particularly something British. Still in On30, well…O16.5 (1/43 vs. 1/48). I’ve printed some plans for a Lynton & Barnstaple coaches. In… Read More ›

Vintage Digby Trains

I belong to the excellent AtlanticRails YahooGroup. The list is home to some of the best discussion on railroading here in Atlantic Canada. If you’re interested, I highly recommend joining. This week brought a post to announce this great Youtube… Read More ›