Manheim Industrial Railroad

Track profiles

The track plan of the Manheim layout is pretty simple: even at its most extravagant it’s two turnouts. Hopefully twenty or so feet of running but still just two turnouts. In Coy and Victoria I learned a lot about ballasting… Read More ›

The length of string

I keep referring to it as “the major scene” on the Manheim layout–Ferrellgas’ siding. In N scale this scene is about nine feet long and in HO it’s about fifteen. The detail available using aerial imagery from Bing and Google… Read More ›

Manheim: the questions

I added a tab, in the header, to group all the Manheim posts together–anything I post to the Manheim Industrial Railroad category will appear listed under there. I think that’s cool and it should be handy since I reread these… Read More ›