model railway design

Thakeham Overlap

Saturday morning, coffee, books, disappointed cat, and things from list to do today was how it started. I grabbed my notebook to amend my list of things to do today and that moment when the pen hit the page lightning… Read More ›

When it just takes longer

When joining friends to operate on larger model railways I tend to gravitate toward yard work. Switching is a lot of uncoupling and, in HO, I feel pretty adept opening couplers with bamboo skewers, toothpicks, small screwdrivers, or even the… Read More ›

Manheim: the questions

I added a tab, in the header, to group all the Manheim posts together–anything I post to the Manheim Industrial Railroad category will appear listed under there. I think that’s cool and it should be handy since I reread these… Read More ›