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I’m interested in learning more about the equipment that CP Rail used in Montreal commuter rail service. Obviously common examples include RDC’s during the fifties and sixties and FP7-led trains. That said, I’ve been finding so many other examples of diesel types that have appeared on Lakeshore commuter trains. I thought it might be worthwhile to start a dedicated page to catalogue what I’ve found so far. I’ll include the model and number along with location and date details and try to group everything by date.


This partial roster listing of CPR steam engines in the CP Lakeshore commuter power pool from 1955 through 1960 is based on an article from Canadian Rail’s July-August 1963 issue. Listed by engine class and then numbers:
G-1 4-6-2 #2200
G-2 4-6-2 #2508, 2527, 2539, 2541, 2581
G-3 4-6-2 #2328, 2393, 2403, 2408, 2412, 2426, 2459, 2461, 2471, 2472
G-5 4-6-2 #1201, 1253, 1258, 1262, 1263, 1264, 1274
H-1 4-6-4 #2811, 2816, 2819, 2820, 2821, 2822


CP coaches retired
November 1968 Canadian Rail:

All 1300, 1400 and 1800-class coaches presently in Montreal commuter service will be retired next June when the new double-decker “gallery” cars are delivered.


CP S3 #7041 station switcher with 800-series cars
Photograph is dated 1969


4067 FP7a Montreal (Windsor) QC – early 1970’s
Canadian Railway Observations website for February 2012 has a really excellent page on AMT operations. They include a Vignette that features this unit in grey and maroon paint with script lettering. Other noteworthy details from the shot include an 800-series coach in the grey colours when CP had started painting all their rolling stock to look a little more like the stainless cars.


900 Gallery cab car at Montreal (Windsor), QC – July 1971
In the background of the shot is a nice string of maroon-schemed RDC’s. I assumed that there must have been times when equipment in different colour schemes would appear. It sure would make for some great opportunities for the modeller.

9062 RDC1 Montreal (Windsor) – July 1971
Great forum thread linked below includes some amazing shots of all sorts of CP Rail, Air and Ships. Not long into this thread is the above-noted shot.


4096 FPA2 Pointe Claire, QC – 1972
Canadian Railway Observations, May 2009 includes a Ron Visockis photograph:


1412 FPAa Dorval, QC – July 20, 1978
Outbound from Windsor station. I’m not sure this is actually on the point of a commuter train and it’s leading an RS18(?). This engine is on the back track and behind a 900-series gallery car train.


4073 FP7 Montreal West, QC – May 1979
Inbound leading a train of 800-series cars

8764 RS18 Montreal West, QC – May 1979
Leading a string of gallery cars inbound to Windsor station

8481 RS10 Beaconsfile, QC – July 1979

RS-10 8481 (MLW #81070 4/55) with Montreal bound morning train at Beaconsfield. Quebec
c. 7/1962 Don Driscoll

Note the 305x Baggage-Buffet-Coach unusual for suburban trains. Around this time there was some experimenting with providing various services to commuters including a bar car which may be its function on this train at least on the outbound train in the evening. Coffee and bagels etc. would have been more appropriate in the morning.

The above is quoted from a page on CP’s RS10 fleet over on the excellent Old Time Trains website. Here’s a link to the page itself and this superb photograph of 8481:


1802 E8 Montreal (Windsor), QC – 1980
CP’s small fleet of E8’s just never seem to fit in anywhere so they seem to appear everywhere. I had never heard of them in commuter service on the Lakeshore but Robert Sandusky did refer to this in that quote I included here. He refers to 1802 and I thought that number belonged to an RS18 so off to Google.ca I went. I found that it had belonged to an E8 and it’s the date and location of the one I’ve quoted here that I got from this photograph:


RS18 #8763 and gallery cars, Montreal West – 1988

AMT 50 rolls into Montreal West behind CP 8763

This could fast become a personal favourite photograph.



VIA F40 #6430 – August 1997
Leased to AMT by VIA while FP units in for repair work

VIA F40 #6450 – August 1997
Leased to AMT by VIA while FP units in for repair work


VIA F40 #6453
Leased with #6457 to VIA (initial pair replaced with 6455 and 6458 later on) to AMT by VIA while FP units in for repair work.

VIA F40 #6457 – August 1997
Leased with #6453 to VIA (initial pair replaced with 6455 and 6458 later on) to AMT by VIA while FP units in for repair work.

VIA F40 #6455 – August 1997
Second pair, leased with #6458 to VIA (initial pair replaced 6453 and 6457) to AMT by VIA while FP units in for repair work. I have photographed this unit and have posted some photos from my collection on here already. I’ll get a link added to those photos soon.

VIA F40 #6458 – August 1997
Second pair, leased with #6455 to VIA (initial pair replaced 6453 and 6457) to AMT by VIA while FP units in for repair work.



  1. Hi there, don’t know if this would be of interest to you, but I have just released an N scale model of the CPR 800 series commuter cars through shapeways: http://shpws.me/LrmK

    Also, great job with the N scale CNR cabooses! I’ve built up two and will likely build more in the future. Just a thought, it would be good to have replacement end railings/ladders that better match cnr prototypes to replace the stock atlas ones on the caboose frames. Will have to look into this…

    Kind regards,

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