GO Transit

I wanted to start a page here on Prince Street to help me keep track of all this little notes I keep and come across regarding GO Transit motive power. There are already so many great GO websites and hopefully this compliments these other great resoures.

The January 1974 issue of Canadian Rail includes this neat paragraph introducing the APCU units converted from former Ontario Northland FP7’s:

…with the arrival of five SD40-2s, Numbers 1730 through 1734, ONR FP7A units Numbers 1503, 1505, 1507, 1512, 1513 are slated for retirement and conversion to GO TRANSIT power control cars. The conversion will be made at Canadian National Railways’ Pointe-St-Charles Shops, Montreal. Unit number 1505 is already at Pointe-St-Charles (25 October 1973) and its conversion is under way.

From Canadian Rail’s January 1974 issue:

GO TRANSIT has ordered four GP40-2 units from the Diesel Division, General Motors of Canada, on order Number C-361. The builder’s numbers will be A-2938 through A-2941 and the road numbers will be 9808 through 9811.


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  1. I model in 1:24 scratch built . have perfected a drove with a scale 25 m.p. h. speed. look at super train web site to see my work. will post photos when i ,m invited to do so. ray

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