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Feels like driven not pushed

The subject of inspiration versus motivation is one that I have rambled through in previous posts here. I keep returning to it as a part of my own exploration of how we relate to not just our own work in this craft but also how we interpret others. When we see something a fellow model… Read More ›

Three questions for James

When I first started writing this, some time ago, we were talking about ways that our blogs could themselves talk to each other. I have really enjoyed previous examples of this like when Eric, Steve, and I collaborated on the My Railfan Five series or in Steve’s superbly enjoyable 10 Questions series. In our own… Read More ›

Small Layout Success (Part Three)…

In the first and second part of this series, James and I talked about what makes a great small layout and gave some thoughts on composition and colour that can materially impact that we’ve considered in our own design work. Those three principles were: Deliberate scene composition Consistent colour, both temperature and palette Theatrical style viewing window In the 1990s I… Read More ›

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