Hilton & Mears Edits

Function instead of form?

I love books. I absolutely love railway books, whether they’re photo journals, historical surveys, layout design or operation oriented. In particular, I love a blend of photographic inspiration and well written historical commentary, even just extended photo captions. These are the fuel to my fire, the inspiration that generates conversation, layout schemes and a continual… Read More ›

Completed or finished

James and I have previously talked about inspiration and motivation, and this naturally progressed to the subject of completing a project. What follows is an edited narrative of that next conversation and a chance for us to explore the concept… Popularly we start with a declaration of what we are going to do. That declaration… Read More ›

Split down the middle…

I really enjoy collaborating with James and it’s been too long since we posted a Hilton & Mears Edit. Like they often do, this too started as a random conversation that sparked an idea across two notebooks and one ocean. I’m having a lot of trouble getting Flickr to embed properly into this post and… Read More ›

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