My Favourite Prince Street

Return of the CP plywood van

These plywood sheathed CP vans are favourites. I loved working on models of these and these designs remain personal favourites from the store I used to run on Shapeways. I could not be more proud of this design–I really love it. The model is based on blueprints from the CP SIG with only a subtle… Read More ›

the wing.

Mike Cougill wrote a fascinating article on reducing the weight of benchwork and I thought: If we separate the structure we create to support the model railroad from the structure we create within its body we can tailor their design to suit their very different needs. Fascia can create a ‘white space’ to focus attention… Read More ›

A post-CN PEIR

What if the railway on Prince Edward Island Railway hadn’t ended in 1989? It’s a simple question. I remember the debate and also the parallel debate regarding the building of a bridge to replace the ferry service connecting the rest of the world to the Island. They were so closely linked it was difficult to… Read More ›

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