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  • House blend

    I was up late, too tired to be productive and too awake to sleep, so was working through my playlist of YouTube favourites among which was this video from Jeff Kraker’s channel: Watching that beautiful shay easing its way… Read More ›

  • serendipity

    I love the sense of continuity found when materials from one layout fit into another. I believe the energy of experience is stored in the things we make so recycling becomes an act of respect for not just the things… Read More ›

  • Branford favourites

    When I open my post I See… I started with a Tom Nelligan photograph of Branford Steam Railroad hopper cars. That photo is absolutely a favourite photograph. I was looking at it again today and thinking about how much railroads… Read More ›

  • I see…

    This Bruce Nelson photo is one of my favourites. It’s March 1970 on the Branford Steam Rail Road. That track, their internal fleet of twin hoppers; this railroad has held my imagination since first discovering this railroad in an article… Read More ›

  • Split down the middle…

    I really enjoy collaborating with James and it’s been too long since we posted a Hilton & Mears Edit. Like they often do, this too started as a random conversation that sparked an idea across two notebooks and one ocean…. Read More ›