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  • 16mm scale but not outdoors

    This 16mm scale stuff is cool. I’m getting hooked. Not so much that I’m perched, ready to proclaim a new identity, but enough that I can wander into into its realm with little regret for time spent “discovering it”. Models… Read More ›

  • Monday, August 23

    It’s fun having this model, here, to pick at between other things. I feel like most of the big parts are made and things are shifting toward fun details. I need to pick up some strip styrene for the louvres… Read More ›

  • …you’ve arrived

    Growing up on a diet of British model railway magazines and a love of small scale models it’s easy to remember a line from an article where the author describes building locomotives from found materials. Though the layout and builder’s… Read More ›

  • Hello little Ruston

    I’m not sure if it could look more crude but also that I could feel more proud. Here’s a first progress photo of a little Ruston 16hp loco model I’ve started. It’s a case of a very large scale model… Read More ›

  • …like familiar

    Filling in gaps in the copper ties, last night, weathering some ties, this morning, is all types of work that layer experience into the work just like how those same things are affected by a layering of finishes. Quick coffee… Read More ›