The tease

Traipsing around town, the thought occurred to me: It’s not getting to see the thing that’s so exciting as the moment you are first invited to. That moment when you don’t have to decide if, whatever it is, is important or not.

VIA Kentville

I promise there’s model railway content coming shortly but for now I’m between errands and wanted to express that thought.

DAR at Library and Archives Canada

Library and Archives Canada have a tremendous digital archive online and this morning I took a quick search through their website to see what or how much stuff they might have available for the Dominion Atlantic Railway available. Here’s what I found:

Kentville station picture

View from Kentville station - no date indicated

“Steam locomotives and train cars of Canada and the United States, and other miscellaneous views, ca. 1930-1979”.
Approximately 80,000 images but likely most are not DAR. It would be interesting to see what there was though eh?

Views by the Toronto Transit Commission, Toronto Harbour Commission and other miscellaneous views of Canada and the United States, ca. 1858-1979?
Again most of the images will not be DAR content but there may be something interesting inside.