montreal west

1988 and yes, that’s an RS18 leading that commuter train!

This photo appeared on the Canadian Railway Observations Facebook page this evening and I was really excited to see it. I have seen RS18’s on the point of Montreal commuter trains before, well photos anyway, but this might be the most “modern” one I’ve ever seen. I have had the pleasure of standing on that platform though.

Here’s a link to the photos on

Out of curiousity I took a quick look around the web to see if I could find anything else on that engine and I found this photo of it in maroon and grey colours on the CPR Diesel Roster website:

CP 8764 at Montreal West – May 1979

When I first started learning about CP on the Lakeshore trains I assumed that most services were lead by FP7’s. Not that I was far off but I’m fast learning that RS10’s like the one in this shot were also fairly common place.
CPR 8764
Click on the image above and check out the rest of this Flickr photostream. It’s an amazing collection and he’s a lucky guy to have seen those trains and have these photos. I just have the envy.