times change

Into the pure darkness of last Wednesday evening at Autoport I knew exactly what I wanted to try, why I wanted it, and how I wanted to try it; that would free energy to focus on more technical skills. And… Read More ›

the heat is on

“Why’s it got to be so hot?” She’s not wrong. Wired as I am there’s these first thoughts that I keep private that consider how at this time of year the Earth travels closer to the Sun so we feel… Read More ›

“47”20 today

Quick walk before the day gets underway. It looks like rain. It sort of feels like rain because it almost is raining. “Doesn’t it seem funny?” “It does” I love how my walk in to the office is along Halifax… Read More ›

CN Brookfield

Just past Truro, Nova Scotia, on the way to Halifax, CN’s mainline connects with a spur that exists to serve Canada Cement and Marwood Industries, in a town called Brookfield. The spur itself is served by the local switcher out… Read More ›