wright’s cove

the 511 milk run

2692 and 8846 are on CN’s 511 and, here, pushing back out of National Gypsum’s site and onto their tracks as their journey toward Milford begins. I’ve been wanting to try this site for a while now and this morning… Read More ›

513 2022-03-22

513 backing out of Wright’s Cove this evening. With daytime (511) and now night (513) gypsum trains operating and basically just the two sets of cars the balance of moving these cars must be so precise and it’s always impressive… Read More ›

Wright’s Cove

This started with a post on the Atlantic Rails Facebook group. I wanted to learn more about National Gypsum’s gypsum unloading operation at Wright’s Cove. As a model railroader interested in design I have long believed this subject would be… Read More ›