Lister. This is working out!

All four hornblocks are cut out and they slide nicely up and down. I have never made it this far.

The frame, glued up. You can see where I’ve been splinting parts and packing others. It’s square and works.

Sunday morning edit:

First coffee made and being enjoyed. Sunshine and coffee and the sounds of birds chirping outside the window. And I have fitted all four bearings into their hornblocks and the Slaters wheels as well and here it is: my very first rolling chassis.

  • There’s just enough friction in the frame so the hornblocks don’t just completely bottom out.
  • At 45mm wide this chassis is too narrow (hello Goldilocks; my narrowed IP Engineering chassis is still a bit too wide and this homemade chassis is far too narrow)

So, what’s next?

The chassis I’ve made is basically the right size to fit into the IP Engineering kit I’m using so this is all headed in the right direction. I feel like these parts should be made in brass but that’s also adding a layer of “never done that” to an already high stack of “never done that” but I can always keep practicing. Frankly I’m at a point in my life where I just don’t want, let alone need, more than one model train engine so screwing around with just this one is the right way to invest.

I won’t cut the sideframe casting off my kit because while I know it’s going to be removed it’s a nice placeholder reminding me what I’m up to. Much of that casting I plan to recycle on the new frame so leaving it alone now is also waiting until I realise how I should proceed in cutting it apart.

I need to sort out how to balance/spring/compensate this too and that’s a perfect thing to do here, next.

I feel so proud of this!


I’ll keep updating in this post minor changes to this chassis and start a new post for the next major update in an attempt to find the balance between my enthusiasm to express the joy these updates represent and my sparing your inbox the series of blasts of emails for each increment.

Categories: 16mm scale 32mm gauge, 16mm scale IP Engineering Lister

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  1. Completely understand your enthusiasm! I get all giddy myself when I try new things and they appear to work out. Look forward to your continued success…..(or temporary failures!!)

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