St Peters 1910 update

not to scale

I just finished piecing together the fire insurance map from the Island Imagined website for St. Peters (south). It was a lot of fun to draw. Just for the fun of it I plotted out a PDF of the finished drawing in 1/4″ = 1′-0″ scale “just to see”. Needless to say it is huge and it goes without saying that to include this very long scene on a layout it would be easiest to go after some massive “selective compression”. Given that this excercise will eventually support the design of a model railway I think the key features (railway wise) are the sidings and coal shed to the west and the station area to the east. I’m not really sure what from the actual town I’d chose to include excepting the obvious choices of the church and court house.

The map copy I’m working from doesn’t include track layout details for the station itself. Later era photos show a siding directly in front of the station and I get the feeling there were two sidings just east of the station but I’m not entirely sure. The station itself, with some modifications, is still in place and I’d like to get out some weekend with a camera and measuring tape to document what’s left.

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