Tender for Buildings, PEI Railway: March 1, 1910

From L’Impartial, March 1, 1910 issue:

Seperate sealed tenders, addressed to the undersigned, and marked on the outside, “Tender for Buildings, PEI Railway”, will be received up to and including Thursday, March 3rd, 1910, – for the construction and erection of the following buildings on the Elmira Branch of the Prince Edward Island Railway:
One Standard Booking Station
One Standard Freight Shed
Two Standard Way Stations
Two Standard Tool Houses
One two-stall Engine House
One Coal Shed
One three-stall Engine House at Georgetown, on the main line of the P.E.I. Railway.

These buildings all appear on the surveys and fire insurance maps for the railway I’ve seen published in 1915. This is definitely a worthwhile inventory to keep in mind.

Read the full article, click on the link below:

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  1. For those who don’t know, here are the locations of these structures on the Elmira Spur:

    One Standard Booking Station: Elmira (now the Elmira Railway Museum)

    One Standard Freight Shed: Elmira

    Two Standard Way Stations: Harmony Junction and Baltic

    Two Standard Tool Houses: Harmony Junction and Elmira

    One two-stall Engine House: Elmira

    One Coal Shed: Elmira

    Any photos of the Elmira coal shed, and engine house, Harmony Junction station, Harmony Junction water tower (not on this tender), or either of these tool sheds would be very much appreciated… please contact Chris! Note, the tool shed located at Harmony in the 1970s/80s is NOT the one built as a result of this tender!

    Steve Hunter

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