The camera


I’m constantly impressed by the camera on my iPhone. Even, as I’ve just learned, when it tries to help and does something spontaneously right and wrong, taking the picture it wants instead of the one I thought I was taking.

In the above photo, I’m looking straight into the setting sun while these two GP’s make up tonight’s 509 – the Dartmouth to Autoport train.

In the instant that I pressed the button to take this photo the camera instantly changed the light levels. The sky is washed out. In doing so, look at all that cool detail in the engine’s paint. The way the paint is fading, door by door.

My photo would have been overexposed. My photo is… The camera took a different photo. Together we’ve created something neat.

And in doing so, reminded me of what it was like to be shooting on film, in a time before digital cameras, and still only learning how to take a photo.



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  1. The digital camera revolution has been a great boon to people who are members of the thumb in the picture brigade. I still get the occasional digit in frame but at least it doesn’t cost me anything to find out. BTW, when I click on the photo, it is really small. Is that intended?

    • Sorry for not replying to your comment earlier Mark.

      I can’t agree more with your thoughts on how much of a saviour the digital camera is to people like me. I still take pictures of my thumb but they’re just so much better and every so often I take something genuinely good.

      I don’t normally post large photos on the blog (I’m stingy on the storage plan) but I still have the large original photo and I’d happily send you a copy.

      Send me an email:

      Thanks for the comment


  2. Enough pictures, Chris. Time to make or at least to design or if you are not there, to tell us where you are. You are a better thinker than most who are quick to tell us their thinking and a better designer than most who design.

    People like you and Matthieu LaChance are at the top of my North American reading list.

    • Thank you for the note. Your comments are only too kind.
      I have not gone and seldom a day goes by when I don’t think about the hobby or this blog.
      I hate saying “stay tuned” but I am working on some ideas.
      Thank you for your support.

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