Thanks for the memories

It seems like when I started working through building Coy’s track I had this vision of what I wanted to do and the order in which I was doing it. As I start work on Coy’s successor, I just caught myself trying to remember what I’d done and how.

Friends have remarked how valuable their blogs were as records to remind their future selves. At the time, when I was really pushing hard in the Coy project, I was posting regularly and feared maybe too much. Now, I’m glad I did. I’m rereading those posts.

  • What order did I do to get the grass in?
  • What colour ballast did I start from?

Current Day Chris can’t remember a damn thing that Past Chris was figuring out. I have things that I’m doing in the current project that resolve failures in Coy’s development but also I’m trying to recreate those things that worked very well.

I loved (loved!) how that track looked. I don’t regret the decision to stop working on Coy but, equally, I regret the loss of the things that did work. That’s why we’re back.

“Thanks for the memories” because I can’t seem to remember a damn thing.

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  1. Gosh, I was afraid you were about to announce that you were going to give up blogging!

    Don’t do that, ever, as long as you can tap the keys. I am a lone wolf modeler on an island out in the Atlantic, and if it weren’t for people like you and Mathieu LaChance — people with a graphic sensibility — I would give up. And, of course, you introduced us to James Hilton. Some people spend years of blogging without doing anything so useful! Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

    • Sorry. At the moment, when I was about to click Post, I did notice that play on words and worried people might see it and think that was the last post. Sorry.

      I really appreciate your kind words. Thank you.

      My relationship with Prince Street is so strong I can’t imagine a time when I’ll ever not want to be writing here or interacting with it.


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