Minories test

It sure is late…late enough that it’s almost early. I’ve still got that damned sinus headache I’ve been working with for about three days now. I just can’t sleep so I’m up puttering around in AutoCAD.

As I mentioned earlier I’ve been playing around in AutoCAD with some Peco track templates I’m working on and I’m still thinking about a version of Cyril Freezer’s classic Minories track plan in N built using Peco large radius points. The first step I drew earlier when I created a template in AutoCAD based on Peco’s SL-395/396 turnouts. Tonight I took it one step further by arranging some of these in the Minories layout. In case I haven’t already linked to it, Carl Arendt has a drawing and introduction to Minories on his website here.

The above is what I came up with. I drew this quickly and based on some simple parameters:

  • 1.25″ Track centres
  • Only Large radius points
  • Double-track mainline at throat

I was thinking about this as an idea for a set of micromodules similar to what is described here with a view of keeping within a maximum overall width of 9″ and it looks like the turnout ladder would fit in a 30″ module. I’ve got about 14′-0″ to fill so that works nicely too.

For reference and browsing some folks over in the UK are also trying a longer version of Minories in N scale for a similar ends. Check out there progress here.

I’m off to bed. Cheers


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