GO Transit models from Athearn

I just saw an advertisement for Athearn’s GP40-2w in GO Transit colours. Four road numbers are available: 703, 705, 708 and 709. I still haven’t seen any of these models but from the pictures online they sure look terrific. I wonder how well they will compare to the Atlas model of the same engine? Athearn are making this model available in straight DC or a DCC and sound-equipped unit. I’ll confess, I really want one, of either the Atlas or the Athearn one.

Of course a first thought that occurred to me was a reminder of how disappointing it is that Athearn still haven’t re-released their Bombardier cars in GO colours. A few have been showing up on eBay lately and the resale prices have been really shocking on every one. I have a few of these models in HO and they are quite nice. I’d buy a few more if they ever returned to the marketplace. Tonight I read on The Train Cellar’s Facebook page that Athearn are planning on actually following through with the coaches in 2014. I sure hope they do, but I’m more than a little disappointed that they didn’t schedule the cars to release alongside the engines. Is this going to cause a glut of unsold engines while we all wait patiently for the cars? It’s got to be frustrating for hobby shops trying to put together practical inventories when manufacturers put together schedules like this.


  1. Hey Chris, I own a pair of the Atlas GP40-2W’s and a pair of the Athearn GP38-2W’s, both in CN stripes. Of course, one runs as well as the other.

    All I can say is that Athearn did a much better job than Atlas did and I would imagine that the same quality would be found in the next Athearn run, that being the GO/CN engines.

    1. Thanks for the note Taylor. I have only seen the Atlas GP38-2w and haven’t seen the Athearn version yet. Come to think of it I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Genesis diesel “in the flesh”. I have read a lot of reviews and it seems like a lot of modellers are taking advantage of these nearly simultaneous releases for a lot of “side by side” comparisons and it seems like Athearn might have the better model. Either way I’m really tempted to order one and that temptation is made even greater knowing that there are more cars on the way next year hopefully.

  2. Sometime if we end up going on a trip to Summerside or Kensington to operate on a layout at the same time for once, I’ll bring both the Atlas and Athearn models for you to compare in person then.

  3. Hi Chris—Just stumbled on your blog today through Google and may be able to make your wishes come true if you are still interested in obtaining Go Transit engines and cars. I have a set of Athearn F-7A and F-7B available (n.i.b.), an Atlas #555010 – GP-40 Locomotive (also n.i.b.) and agroup of 12 Athearn Go cars (two of the 3 unit sets and 6 individual units). All are new in box (same as the engines). The engines still have the original price tags (although very faded). These units have all been stored without usage for the past 7-8 years. I can be reached by email with offers as these units can be sold due to a size reduction in my collection.

    1. Hello. This is a fantastic offer. Thank you for the note. I’m taking a break from trying to pursue modelling GO in either HO or N – finding equipment was just getting too frustrating for me and I’ve moved on to other interests for my model railways. However, I remain a huge fan of GO itself and all things GO – that will never fade.

      1. No problem—I have several other interested parties, just a matter of dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s so to speak. If and when you decide you want to return to the Go Transit Modelling, you may want to look up Pacific Western Rail Systems—they are great to deal with I found (I happened to deal with Dan Huberman who was the head honcho—still is probably) and they carry a fairly large line of Go Transit equipment. I’ve enclosed the link just in case you want to take a look around. They have a HUGE inventory amd shipping costs aren’t bad as they are located in Surrey B.C.
        Best regards

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