Lake Verde Junction station in N -update

I thought I’d take a few minutes and share a fun little project I’ve been working on recently. This little station is based on the one that once stood at Lake Verde Junction here on Prince Edward Island. The model is in N scale and so far I’ve been using styrene thoughout.

Several years ago I created a set of drawings for a similar station. I’ve always thought the prototype was a thoroughly charming variation on the PEIR’s standard plan and how it would be nice to have a model “someday”. The biggest driver behind this project has been those windows. Over the years, I’ve tried a number of different methods to build up a window in N ranging from the Pendon method of using thread, to the Ratio Models’ etched brass sashes. Like any decent N scaler, I’ve assembled a pile of Heljan and similarly classic plastic kits. The thread or brass alternatives provided the nicely thin mullions but often appeared to float above the glazing. The plastic kit ones overcome that issue but are just so darned thick.

So what did I try here? The window sashes are framed with 0.010×0.020″ stock. The mullions are 0.010×0.010″ that I cut myself. I wanted to represent a double-hung window so I’ve cut the upper and lower sashes seperately, the upper sits on a piece of 0.010″ thick sheet. I was concerned that if I tried to assemble all this over clear styene sheet I’d just have a mess of glue everywhere so I settled on using white sheet stock. In real life, those panes of “glass” are really tiny and careful painting should hide the opacity just enough. I’m really pleased with the finished effect and it’s one I think I could improve upon for even better results in the future.

Another feature I’m glad to have incorporated here is the “foundation”. The idea is also from the Pendon Museum. I’ll create a sleeve in which the finished station would sit and that gets attached to the layout. Once all the scenic work is done and the mess has subsided the building can just be slid into place. It also makes handling the model a great deal easier during construction and finishing.

Next on this project’s to do list is going to be a set of massive eave brackets. The roof overhang is quite large. Once I have the brackets in place, I’d like to start painting the model since the roof itself is quite large and, once in place, painting all this trim will be quite tricky.

I’ll post the drawing for station as soon as I remember where I’ve saved it. What I found while looking for it is a plan of the junction. You can see the footprint of the station in the wye:
Lake Verde Station not to scale for web

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  1. Good-looking structure, Chris! I can’t believe it’s in N scale. I did a quick Googlemaps sat view of the junction and I think I could visualize the roadbed remnants.

    • Thanks Eric.

      The station appears in this 1935 aerial view of Lake Verde Junction:

      On the right side of the wye you can make out the station just inside the turnout. For what it’s worth, it faced west toward Charlottetown.


  1. The plan | Prince Street Terminal

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