Model train season

The last of the snow around my house has finally melted and my confidence in proclaiming that winter is well and truly behind us is rising. While at work today, I’ve been listening to a model railroading podcast and one of the hosts mentioned “model railroading season” and alluded to this season being during winter. I agree with the logic. The magazines and lore of the hobby have a lot of train sets at Christmas time and certainly many of us spend time indoors during winter and having a hobby to pursue during these days makes sense.

“But what about spring or summer?” I wondered.

For me, I feel like I’m just coming into my own model railroading season. As the days get warmer I am out exploring real trains more. I am railfanning more and spending more time exploring those places I along real railroads that I connect with. With readier access to real trains my enthusiasm to return home and make something inspired by what I see feels greater. Not that I want to perpetuate the image of the model train guy hidden away from the warm sunny days on the beach, but I realize that this is the time when I feel most productive in the hobby.

Just a thought, over my afternoon tea.





  1. I’d agree I generally do more modeling in the summer than winter, in addition to your points I do more messy stuff in the garage (building or modifying bench work, messy scenery or airbrushing) which is a lot easier when I’m not fighting the ever loosing battle to warm up my garage.

    1. I understand.

      I no longer have an indoor shop for woodworking and like projects so have to do these things outside. This means that benchwork and similar big projects simply can’t be done at my house, in winter. Come to think of it, having built benchwork both indoors and out, I know I prefer the outside option. Given that my layouts have always been portable, I always take them outside to for large spray paint projects like painting track. It’s nice to have these moments to get the layout outdoors so I can appreciate how it’s coming together lit by sunshine.


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