Jim Read’s O scale micro layouts and cardstock work

I’ve been a fan of Jim Read’s work and have thoroughly enjoyed reading his threads on RMWeb.co.uk for some time. I never realized he had a website to go along with those threads until finding it yesterday:

Each of his layouts is in British O scale and each in a very small space. The draw here isn’t so much the big trains in a really small space idea but in his approach. Quoting from his site:
“My layouts are scratch built; the track made from card sleepers and 00 rail, the points from copper clad strips, the locos from card and styrene, the wagons and vans from card and paper, the back scene from photographs and the locos are powered from a homemade controller.”

I love working in cardstock. Something about the medium just feels so good to me. I don’t know why and I’ve long since stopped wondering about it. Take some time and take a look at what Jim’s up to on his site. The work is simply beautiful, regardless of how it was made. It stands as a superb example of what can be achieved by focusing your time on learning.

Examples like those found in Jim’s work are those I need to return to often. In his work I see a lot of what I enjoy and this is true inspiration for me. It works with my approach and I see a lot of what I like in what he has done.

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