Wash it off and start again…

Last weekend I bought several lengths of HO scale flex track. I’m quite happy with the weathered effect I’m achieving on wood ties and wanted to start exploring how well I could reproduce the same effect when working on something non-porous (I.e. plastic ties). With other things to do this week I hadn’t had a chance to start screwing around with the new track and that’s okay since I didn’t want to jump in without a plan for fear of wasting material if things didn’t work out. Then, suddenly, it dawned on me:

This is track that’s not stuck down on a layout. The ties are plastic and the rail is metal. If I don’t like the way the paint looks just strip it off like you would on any other model.

Well, duh…

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  1. Chris if you have not already seen the information at P87 stores on painting track it is work a gander http://www.proto87.com/Quick_track_painting.html

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