CBNS Stellarton

Sorry for this second post. I made myself a bunch of promises a month or so ago and yesterday invested in: make more time with the camera and spend more time in CBNS country.

These are my favourites of the whole photo series from the trip. The trio of SD40-2’s are at their office in Stellarton and have just travelled up, leading 306, from Truro. There are currently four of them on the property of which only 7232 is not in orange. The line of hoppers are empties from the NS Power’s Trenton generating station.

“Should model this”

“Holy crap. There’s water everywhere and ice under most of it. How is it even possible to rain so much?”

“This feels so good. Thank you.”

Are among my thoughts, from yesterday, that ripple into today. Lapping against my imagination.


Categories: How I think

3 replies

  1. That header shot. Damn that’s good.
    Makes you sort of want an SD40 for Rome, sometimes, doesn’t it.

    • I’ll confess how deeply I regret selling that SD40 I’d bought last winter. They’re just so beautiful. CBNS are running them in a trio.

      In Rome? When they were interchanging cars just west of Rome we used to run our trio of SD40-2’s light down to lift loads. The sight of them drifting down through town is something I won’t forget soon.

  2. Don’t ever apologize for blogging. Sorry, not sorry!

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