Ffestiniog Bug Box Drawing

After reading the Bren Hebog Carriage Building Guide this week I’ve had a real need to start a project. I’ve been having a great time rifling around inside my stacks of plans and drawings trying to find something to get started on. I kept coming back to pictures I have of the Ffestiniog Railway’s bug boxes. These were some of the Ffestiniog’s first coaches and I’ve always found them to be a little curious in that their wheels were mounted up inside the body.

Anyway, based on some pictures from the web I drew myself some drawings in 1/43 (7mm scale for 0-16.5) and 1/76 (4mm scale for OO9). I’ve left out the wheels as I intend to build these on adapted proprietary chassis. I have some Dapol OO wagon chassis left and also some really old Minitrix N scale wagon chassis for the models in their respective scales.

I’ve never had much luck exporting JPG files straight from AutoCAD so the above is presented and not really to any scale. Click here and a copy of the actual drawing, as a PDF, should open for you.

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