Lake Verde 1916 – AutoCAD

I’ve re-started my project to start tracing a 1916 insurance map of the Vernon Subdivision into AutoCAD. This evening I started working with Lake Verde station.

Above is a screenshot of the drawings I have so far. I have included as much detail as was shown on the original drawing, with the exception of the survey markers and land owner’s names. If there was interest I could easily enough re-plot the above screenshot and the attached PDF file with both included. Speaking of the PDF I have attached one to this blog post so you can download your own copy. Note that I have set up the PDF to plot to a very large sheet of paper so please re-size it for your own printer. I haven’t set up either to plot to a specific scale. Frankly real railroads take up a lot of space so rather than re-scale it I figured it might make more sense to scale it against your own space constraints. In my case I’d take into account the tightest curve radius on the plan, the section of track connection the line to Murray Harbour to the line to Vernon Bridge and scale this down to perhaps 18″ radius for N scale and then see how things work out. Obviously this would require playing around with the two sidings shown for length and track spacing but that’s part of the fun eh?!

Over the next little while I’ll keep tracing the line. Once I have everything traced I’ll start working with the final drawing to detail it further and to adapt it for my own native N scale.

Click here to download the PDF

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